No Monthly fee - No Subscriptions

Just insert into the device a SIM card from the operator of your choice, and you are ready to track!

Easy Tracking From Any Phone

Simply send a text message from your phone to the device, you will get an instant report with the location or status of your car or family member.

Tramigo for Vehicle Tracking and Family Security

Instant Alerts and tracking from Your Own Phone

Immediate Alarm In Critical Cases

The car is speeding, leaving your city or unexpectedly moving? You will be notified immediately cia SMS and can act upon to protect your assest or family.

Free Software for Phone, Tablet or PC

T23 Track comes with full software to exploit all tracking features.

Protect Your Vehicle and Family
with Tramigo T23 Track

T23 Track
Key Features

  • Geofencing to detect unauthorized vehicle use / detours.
  • Ignition detection and disabling (optional)
  • Inbuilt temperature sensor
  • Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad vehicle battery.
  • Speed reporting to eliminate bad driving habits.
  • GPS antijamming features to remove interference from up to 8 jammers.
  • Motion detection to secure parked vehicles & unguarded assets.
  • Periodic reporting based on time or distance travelled
  • Accurate GPS positioning with GPRS & GSM communication
  • SOS button to send out vehicle location when in need of assistance.
  • Idle alarm to detect running engines.
  • Landmark data for easy location even when maps are unavailable.

Protect Your Vehicle and Family
with Tramigo T23 Track

Tramigo M1 Move

M1 Move is perfect for a fleet owner; you can have all your vehicles in your smart phone and track your company vehicles and staff any time and in any location. You get any automated alerts or reports to your phone and can easily manage tens of vehicles simply from your phone.



Tramigo M1 Fleet Classic

M1 Fleet requires a modem to send and receive SMS and we have tested the Siemens TC65 (Quad band) or TC35i (900/1800).
No online server steup required. You can order these modem kits directly from Tramigo.
M1 Fleet is designed to support any GSM v7.0 standard modem, however we only support the Siemens modems.

Get T23 Track Now

T23 Track is easy to install to any car or vehicle and can be fully hidden. Just insert the SIM card and connect T23 Track to vehicle power and you are ready to track your vehicle and turn the needed automatic reporting on. Suitable for car security and protection. Ideal for consumers (car & motorbike owners), SME fleet owners, finance companies, car leasing/rental companies and insurance companies.

* Online purchasing will charge 4% admin handling fee
* Price shown inculsive of 6% GST