About Us

We are Malaysia Distributor for selling Tramigo GSM/GPS Tracker devices. We have a strong and experienced team to provide services and support to our clients.

Tramigo is bringing advanced telematics (GPS tracking combined with wireless communication) products to the consumer market. Our Tramigo product allows consumers to track the location and manage their vehicle with their mobile phone and be notified when unexpected events such as a kidnapping, accident or break-in occur. Our product is positioned as the next generation car alarm - silent with features that are useful every day, not just when a theft is attempted.

In the near future we will also support personal tracking devices such as GPS enabled phones to further improve the "peace of mind" of our customers. We will be also adding support for other wireless networks to improve the coverage of our products.

The telematics market is estimated to grow over 800% by 2010 to 27.4 million units per year with the majority of the growth in markets outside the US and Western Europe where we have a proven track record. Eventually all vehicles will have a telematics device installed due to government and/or manufacturer requirements and we want customers to choose Tramigo.

Tramigo T23 is easy to use since any mobile phone can be used to manage your vehicle - no special handset, web site, customer help desk, or 3rd party service is needed which also means no monthly service fees are required. This makes our product cheaper to use as well.

The reason we can support a normal mobile phone, the one device most consumers already own, and not require additional costly infrastructure is due to our unique strategy of building the geographic data into the product.

This is not easy to do, since quality geographic data is not readily available for most countries but we have evolved efficient techniques from our experience in some of the most difficult countries and developed the data in-house. Since the vehicle location is not stored on a 3rd party server our customers also maintain their privacy - an important consideration when selecting a tracking device.

Our goal is to develop a strong brand in the telematics industry by combining the best hardware and software components available into products that consumers relate to convenience, value and privacy.